Monday, June 27, 2011

~ Weekend Craft Show ~

I had a show this weekend was up at 4 am, to make sure we (my husband and I) was all set and ready to go by 7am.  After the setup took a couple pictures to share with everyone.  The show turned out great.  Forgot how much work is put into going to a show.  I haven't been to one in awhile. :)  I so enjoyed the interaction with the people.  The weather was great so a big turn out to the Dairy Breakfast.  All in all it was a great day.  Hope everyones weekend was a good one.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

~My Sunday Thoughts~

The above pictures were taken from my flower beds~It is such a pleasurable moment when you finally realize that warmer weather, fragrant smells and beautiful flowers are here to stay (atleast for a couple months)~I do love Fall with all it's glory, but Spring and Summer has the power to freshen my outlook and attitude~Months like these get the creative juices flowing~I am ready to turn the page with eager anticipation of what is to come~Enjoying God's gifts on a daily basis~May we all take time to enjoy His presents to us~Here's to life's big ride and all the dreams that come with it~Happy Father's Day to all the fathers~This week is a busy week for me~I have a show this weekend at a Dairy Breakfast~Going to see my daughters and my grandchildren, so looking forward to that~Also wanting to list some more items this week on Etsy~Well hope you all had a great day~Cherish the moments you had with your fathers~ check out my Primitive section of my Etsy Store.

~A Beautiful Sunday~

Friday, June 17, 2011

~Welcome to Countryside Cottage New Blog~

Welcome to our new blog~ This is to keep you up to date on all the new happenings and treasures at Countryside Cottage~We have a passion for finding things from flea markets, antique stores, garage sales and second hand stores~My husband is famous for his dumpster diving~ LOL ~ Yes my husband is not one to pass up a dumpster ~He always says "You never know what is there until you look"~We always have a great time going on our outings~We want to share with you our great finds~Before and after pictures~Previews of upcoming items~ This is our very first blog so we are excited about staying connected to our clients, old and new friends.  God has been good to us and has richly blessed our family and continues to do so every day.  May God richly bless each and everyone of you!