Sunday, June 19, 2011

~My Sunday Thoughts~

The above pictures were taken from my flower beds~It is such a pleasurable moment when you finally realize that warmer weather, fragrant smells and beautiful flowers are here to stay (atleast for a couple months)~I do love Fall with all it's glory, but Spring and Summer has the power to freshen my outlook and attitude~Months like these get the creative juices flowing~I am ready to turn the page with eager anticipation of what is to come~Enjoying God's gifts on a daily basis~May we all take time to enjoy His presents to us~Here's to life's big ride and all the dreams that come with it~Happy Father's Day to all the fathers~This week is a busy week for me~I have a show this weekend at a Dairy Breakfast~Going to see my daughters and my grandchildren, so looking forward to that~Also wanting to list some more items this week on Etsy~Well hope you all had a great day~Cherish the moments you had with your fathers~ check out my Primitive section of my Etsy Store.

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