Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~Treasure Hunting~

~Afternoon to you all~
It was such a beautiful day, sun was shining, it had rained last night, so the flower beds and garden were taken care of for the day.  So I decided to go treasure hunting.  I have so much fun looking around at everything.  I usually go around the stores atleast a couple times, I always seem to miss something, I didn't see before.  You ever do that?    The above pic is some of my great finds. 

You ever find something you are not sure of what it is, BUT you just have to have it.  LOL  I found one of those items this morning.  I am not sure if this should have something else with it? or it is used in something?  I am not sure what it is :(  SO.......I was wondering maybe get you, my friends to help me out.  Above is three pictures I took of it.  Look forward to finding out what this is.

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