Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Chills and New Creations

October chill is in the air, we are suppose to get snow tonight!  I have been busy trying to get some of my Winter creations together.  I have a retail store I need to make sure I have a supply for also need to make sure have some new items in my Etsy shop!

This is what is on my work table!  Love this new pattern from Liberty Creek Primitives

Here I started to put these poor guys together.  Don't look to hard at my mess!  LOL  As you can see, I am trying to get organized, with my Dollar Store containers. I have some of my items, all organized and lined up in a row!  I have a long ways to go, but not really a good time of the year to start organizing! Getting new stuff in all the time, and nothing ever seems to get put away, due to using it again for the next project!  So I say my room is messy because it is more efficient at this time of the year.  (Sounded good to me) LOL
This  picture is my faithful helper, Bailey!  She has to be where ever I am, so I have a bed under my work table for her.  Before anyone says that bed is way to small for her.  Well you see, she loves her first bed and no matter where I put it, she has to be in it.  I guess it is her security blanket if you will. 
I am hoping you guys had a great week!  I will be posting my finished creations and show you what else I have in the works! 


  1. Snow!! Just in time for making snowman then I guess. Sweet creations!

    1. Yes we got 2 inches of snow! Didn't stay long but still waking up to the ground white was NOT what I wanted yet! lol Thanks Cyn for stopping by!