Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring Karen Blevins

Happy Monday to you all. Hope your weekend was a great one. I know here it was so nice! We got together with some great friends and enjoyed. Now today is another story it is freezin here! Had to turn the heat back on. Hubby is outside in his winter coat. I guess we were getting spoiled here in Wisconsin. Frost warnings tonight. The sad thing is all the flowers are all up the trees are all greening out. So just hope it doesn't get to cold for to long.
It is another Monday and another great feature on one of our PAFA Team members. Hope you enjoy!
1) Your first name and Name of your business *and how you got your name*

Karen E. Blevins & my Etsy Shop name is "Prims*Gone*Wild
Prims Gone Wild came from actually me making so many primitive folk art & grunged dolls that
I just stood in the middle of them all one day and exclaimed "dang girl you have gone wild
with all these prims" I know but it really is where it came from so I already had
Kareybeths_kreations_n_prims from my name Karen Elizabeth "karen & Beth so I decided to run
them together "kareybeth" and me loving and making primitive grunged dolls & other items I decided
to go ahead and decide I have gone wild with prims :O)
2)How long have you been in business

I am from a artistic creative family and my father is and will be always the best
artist I have ever come acrosss. I have been set free to create from painting on my
bedroom walls to any type of surface. I started selling my creations a few years back. Too
Long to remember but on Etsy just recently :O) I would say my first sale was my family members
and that was back when I was about 9 and yes THAT HAS BEEN A LONG LONG TIME.

3)Who or what inspires you

Inspirations come from every where. I love looking at other artists ideas
online and art shows to When I am down or bored or when I wake up or can't
go to sleep because ideas come in my head to what I do now, draw, sew, paint, decorate~you name
it I wake up for that reason.

4)What is your creative style, primitive, country, folkart

My creative style is primitive & folk Art and lately abstract and now noticing I want to try

5)What medium do you use in creating, clay, fabric, altered art, wood etc.

I have been using fabric, altered art, canvas & wood. But not to say that I always
want to try something new.

Explain here if you would like to about your business and what you make and sell

Most of the time I find myself being more of a dollmaker than anything else. I love
making and creating dolls. I sell dolls, make-do's, altered art & wood creations. Again
lately I have been wanting to try so much and that is a good thing.
6)What are your links (list your etsy shop, eBay, web site, blogs etc.)

FACEBOOK: Karen E. Blevins!/Kareybeth
FACEBOOK: Kareybeths_kreations_n_prims!/pages/kareybeths_kreations_n_prims/124517127561840
Kareybeths_kreations_n_Prims Blog:
Prims*Gone*Wild Blog:
WhatNotWomen Blog:
Hope you all have a great creative week!


  1. thanks a bunch, can't wait to share.

    Karen :O)

  2. Always enjoy reading write ups about very talented/creative people! Have a few (looking forward to more) of Karen Blevins' Prims. They are professionally made! The Internet has made it a small world... isn't it grand that art/artists can be shared across so broad a spectrum!

    Thank you for promoting artisans on your blog!

  3. Great feature on a very talented artist, Valerie

  4. Wonderful feature on Karen
    Thank you Donna for sharing

  5. Fabulous to get to know Karen better! Just love her creations! The rabbits are fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing Donna,

  6. She has awesome stuffies!! You go girl!! Hugs, Kristine